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P & P PC, Computer Repair, Norfolk, VA

Personal & Professional Computer Repair

We Service Computers, Tablets, Phones, & Drones


P&P pc Testimonials

We've always been passionate about supporting the people of our community. We founded our company with the mission of helping those in low-income situations to gain computer skills and better their lives. While we've broadened our scope of work, we are still dedicated to helping our neighbors, friends, and family. Read through the P&P pc testimonials to see what our happy customers have been saying.


Five Stars "P&P is the pinnacle of personal and professional. It is not common to find people that are both friendly and honest about computer services. I will continue to stop by if I need parts, they have an amazing selection of older hard to find parts. Don't waste your money on amazon when P&P is right down the road. If you want honest and fair treatment go to P&P."

Five Stars "I would like to take the time to thank Paul and Paula for your very good Personal and Professional service."

Five Stars "I took my laptop in to get it fixed and they were very efficient! I really needed my laptop for school that was starting up and they were able to fix it in less than a week! My screen was cracked and they were able to fix it and not charge me hundreds of dollars. I recommend them highly! Go check them out."

Five Stars "Successfully retrieved my documents from my 14 year old cat- hair infested computer- saving me a lot of time and trouble. They patiently asked me which files I need saved and transferred it over to a very reasonably priced refurbished model. They have been in business for at least 10 years and have a nice presentable office space with dedicated employees. I got a good deal on a newer computer with all my old files restored at a very competitive price. It took a little longer for file recovery than I thought it would but they were thorough and reasonably priced. I would definitely use them again for any computer problems. They are fair and do not charge too much. I was very pleased. ALSO was able to get GREAT help on the phone AFTER the sale-- fixed my problem via phone right away when I could not get my printer to print. "SERVICE AFTER THE SALE" IS EXCELLENT!!!! Thanks ladies!!! (and gents too.)" —Pam V.

Five Stars "Best service ever. the people running the place are very nice and helpful. Thank you for fixing my mac and my windows pc." —Maryellen W.

Five Stars "They are the best very reasonable price love them." —Leona R.

Five Stars "Found them through Google search. Quick phone call and found a cheerful person who quickly helped me. They had the power supply I needed for my 14 year old computer. I have found someone who I feel I can trust." —Ernie J.

Five Stars "WOW! Fantastic, professional service on my desktop. I personally built my gaming computer and it wouldn't boot up after a few years. [Rob] had it working in just 20 minutes for a very reasonable price. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!" —Veganaut FPV

Five Stars "Highly recommended. My laptop died at the most inopportune time...in the middle of an online class. So I googled computer repair and came to this business. THANK GOD I DID. They were so welcoming when I went in. The prices are beyond reasonable and you can tell that they are not trying to rip you off. Unfortunately I needed a new motherboard for my HP laptop, but I got it installed and my laptop is like new. Hopefully I won't have any more issues, but if I did I would go back. You will not be disappointed."

Five Stars "Just went there today to find out what was wrong with my gaming rig. It failed to boot or recognize the monitor/keyboard/mouse. Went in with my PC in hand, didn't have to schedule an appointment and [Paul] went right to business! They ran s diagnostic and found the culprit to be a bad RAM stick. Wouldn't have guessed it if they didn't! They even offered a replacement stick for much cheaper than I would have gotten online. Will come back again if I have any PC-related issues and would recommend anyone near the area to come check out!" —Chris M

Five Stars "The customer service is top-notch and the return on investment cannot be beat."

Five Stars "Good service and reasonable prices. I have been using their service for 3 years. I needed an older keyboard because I hate all the new keyboards with the low profiles with cheap keys that fly off with just a little use. Got a great deal on just the "vintage" keyboard I wanted. [Paula] told me how to make sure my computer accepted the keyboard and it worked just like she said. I would definitely go here again. It is not just about making a sale but making sure I understood.

Five Stars "I took my Mac in there because it was shutting off halfway through startup. The customer service was great! Robert came out and told me right away what he thought the cause probably was and how it could be fixed. I dropped it off at 10am, and by noon he had called me telling me the route to fix it and the very reasonable cost it was going to be. I told him to go ahead and my laptop was back in my hands, running faster than ever, before 2pm. He was very knowledgeable and explained everything he did to my laptop in detail. I appreciated how genuine he was and will forever take my computers to P & P PC, along with recommending it to anyone who has problems."

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